Mahalakshmi Ft Rachana Narayanankutty | Dr. Sandeep R | Poornasree Haridas | Biju Dhwani Tharang

Mahalakshmi Ashtakam is a great sthotram composed by the head of Devas, Lord Indra to praise Devi Mahalakshmi. This Sthotra is present in Padma Purana and contains eight stanzas. The Lyrics explain the divine nature of Goddess Maha-Lakshmi. This is the first video of the Dance Like A Goddess Series featuring renowned celebrity actress and dancer Rachana Narayanankutty along with celebrity cine choreographer Biju Dhwani Tharang.

Song Name : Mahalakshmi
Music Direction : Dr. Sandeep R.
Lyrics : Traditional
Vocals : Poornasree Haridas
Programming \u0026 Recording Engineer : Dil Vinu (Sonic Island, Kadavanthra)
Violin : Madhav Gopi
Flute : Jossy Alapuzha
Mix \u0026 Mastered By : Unknown Monk, Mystique Room, Chennai

Video Credits
Artist : Rachana Narayanankutty
Choreography \u0026 Direction : Biju Dhwani Tharang
Dop \u0026 Editing : Ameen Sabil
Associate Camera : Rahul Rakku
Colorist : Hareesh Haridas
Mua : Abhilash Chikku
Costume : Julaha By Archana
Styling : Arun Vasudev
Location : Iringole Kavu, Paniyeli Poru
Publicity Design : Gokul A Gopinathan
Produced By : Dr. Aswathy Menon K.V
Creative \u0026 Project Head : Mahesh Nair
Special Thanks : Abhilash Balachandran (Film Editor)
Label : Muzik247

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